Introducing The Business Cloud.
The world’s first open, self-service platform for running your entire business.

What is DOMO?

See why Domo is better than BI, bigger than analytics, and beyond big data. Domo is the world's first business management platform...and it changes everything.

A Cure for the Common Spreadsheet.
Learn how spreadsheets are messing with your bottom line.
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DOMO has the data.

The Business Cloud offers the broadest, most flexible array of data connection options. That means you can easily access the data you need to make decisions—regardless of whether you’re a non-technical business user or a hardcore data analyst.

It can visualize anything.

Visualizations are impactful in ways that rows and columns of data can never be. Domo gives you the freedom to visualize your data any way you want, so it can clearly inform the decisions that move your business forward.

It’s uniquely social and mobile first.

Some of your most valuable insights come from people—their conversations, context, interests, and behaviors. The Business Cloud brings all of that together seamlessly to anyone, anytime, on any device, wherever you happen to be.

Domo helps businesses of all sizes, in every industry: